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Cratus Group

Cratus Group

Local government sits at the heart of our society and shapes the world around us. That’s why, since 2009, we have supported private and public sector organisations to work hand-in-hand in partnership. With in-depth insight and links into local government, our expertise includes planning communications, advisory support for local authorities, community engagement, public affairs, public relations, and much, much more.

So what sets Cratus apart from other agencies?

Quite simply, it’s our people. We’ve been there, ‘got the t-shirt’, and we wear it well. In past lives, we have led councils, shaped housing policy, edited national newspapers, rolled out high-profile campaigns, transformed communities, and worked at the highest levels in the Civil Service. And it’s this first-hand experience and unmatched expertise that delivers real success for our many clients.

We are Cratus.

We are strategic advisors and decision drivers, communication creators and community makers. We are a specialist consultancy that understands local government like no other.

Together, our world is local.