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Hawksmoor Homes

Hawksmoor Homes has established a reputation for building fine homes of outstanding quality in the best locations.

Since completing its first house in 2012, the company has become widely acknowledged as one of the region’s leading providers of superior homes. The business places a great emphasis on design excellence, which combines modern technology, traditional building practices and the use of fine materials. The principal thought is to create distinguished, innovative properties that offer individuality.

Hawksmoor Homes’ goal is to build homes of timeless character, whilst also delivering on the demands of 21st-century lifestyles. The attention to detail and the developer’s keen eye for excellence has been demonstrated over many years and culminates in a portfolio of magnificent properties.

The company partners with some of the industry’s premier suppliers, consultants and architects to ensure its standards and vision are upheld at all times. In an industry that has seen countless specialist housebuilders absorbed by large corporations, Hawksmoor Homes has retained its independence, allowing the company to keep its vision and values firmly within its grasp.