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Our Mission

The county council, working in partnership with district and boroughs, has been developing a Surrey Place Ambition, a vision for the county for 2050. 

All agree that there is value to good quality development. Better planning is important, be it through the existing and emerging development plans or via planning decisions. The housing and development needs in Surrey are strong, and the infrastructure challenge is real. 

The members of the Surrey Development Forum have come together to create a privately funded membership body, led by developers, to tackle the planning challenges facing the county to 2050. Our objective is to help tackle issues early, to achieve sustainable development, good design, help economic recovery and tackle climate change. We will provide a forum where a range of stakeholders can communicate and ‘join-up’ their plans and embrace the opportunities created by sustainable development. We will amplify forum members’ voices on a national level on the issues the county is facing.

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